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Some simple makeup tips for achieving your best look

Just about all makeup tips begin with the advice to start with a priority on proper skin care. It is important before applying any makeup that you start with healthy skin. Some bargain makeup smothers skin and causes (or worsens) blemishes. Try to find a light style of makeup that allows your skin to breathe.

Even the most expert makeup tips won't do any good without a good foundation - both a skin care and makeup one. Too many women are held hostage by their makeup and end up slathering it on, creating a pancake look that only serves to make them look ridiculous.

Some basic makeup tips

  • Use makeup sparingly - light makeup coverage highlights your skin's natural beauty without being obvious.

  • Apply makeup with just the tips of your applicators - this saves you both money and time.

  • Keep several subtly different shades of makeup for those times of the year when your skin tone is darker or lighter from sun exposure (or lack of it).

  • Use hypoallergenic makeup at all times, even if you don't suffer from allergies - some makeup builds up and can clog pores over time.

  • Don't be afraid to go without makeup - your skin is probably beautiful without applying much (or any) makeup!

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