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Long Layered Hair Styles

Long Layered Hair Styles - Perfect for Autumn

If you’ve got long brown hair and are hunting for a great Fall look, try one of the layered hair styles in conjunction with some careful highlighting.  Right off the bat, let me strongly suggest that you find a competent hair stylist for this particular creation.  It ain’t easy to get layered styles just right when your hair is long.  Add to that daunting task the blending of highlights and it becomes a job for a true professional.

This is really not the type of style for extremely long hair.  If yours hangs below about the middle of your back (between the shoulder blades), the layered look just won’t work in most cases.  But for hair that’s between the tops of the shoulders and the shoulder blades (when hanging wet), layered hair styles can be incredibly beautiful!

The trick here is not to overdo the layering.  Have your stylist work in no more than about 3 levels of layers, each equally spaced (roughly).  You don’t want choppy hair.  You’re looking for a noticeably layered style that blends nicely for a unified look.

long layered hair styles

If your long hair is extra thick, the job is going to be tougher, but a good stylist can handle this and will know what you’re requesting.  Once the layered cut has been done, it’s time for the highlights.  This can make or break the entire creation, so proceed carefully!

What you’re looking to achieve is some dirty blonde or very light brown highlights randomly placed to put some dimension into the layers you’ve just added.  The key here is not to follow any kind of discernible pattern – or else it’ll make just about any layered hair styles look unnatural.

It’s a pretty tall order, but a talented hair stylist can pull this off in his or her sleep.  You’ll end up with an eye-catching layered style to make your long hair work its magic for you at this Autumn’s homecoming dance, hayride, or other special occasion.  Go for it!

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