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Short Female Haircuts

Short Female Haircuts

It seems that short female haircuts are a cyclical style. Every couple of decades, short hair makes a comeback. Think back to the 1960’s, when models and many female actors wore their hair very short. Fast-forward twenty years and there was the spiked “new wave” look of the early 1980’s.

Well, it’s about that time again! And sure enough, short haircuts have been showing up among famous models and actresses in recent years. Some of the styles harken back to those 60’s hairstyles, with the hair flattened against the head and a simple curl at the end of the hair. In fact, in the 60’s they were actually mimicking the 1920’s ‘Flapper’ haircut, so it’s a cyclical female preference. Thankfully, those awful 80’s haircuts, with spikes and way too much gel and hairspray, haven’t made a comeback!

The success of a short hairstyle depends in large part on the quality of the haircut. Longer hair can hide flaws, but they are right out there for the world to see if you get a botched cut with short hair. It’s a good idea to pay a little extra and get a gifted professional hairstylist to do the job.

Many women opt for short haircuts as they age. Getting older means your body goes through changes, internally and on the surface. Shorter hairstyles just look better with a female face as it begins to show the signs of age.

There are, of course, practical advantages as well. Shorter hair is easier to take care of and keep clean on a daily basis. The only real disadvantage with short female haircuts is that they require more frequent visits to the stylist for touch-ups and trims.

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