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Formal Hair Styles

Formal Hair Styles for Wedding and Prom Season

There are all kinds of formal hair styles you can choose for an upcoming event – wedding, prom, formal function, etc.  Perhaps the hardest part is deciding on which style you want.  This can be even more exasperating for weddings where you have to choose hair styles for yourself and your bridesmaids.

In reality, the process of picking a formal hair style can be fun and stress-free.  One of the most important things to do is start early!  The more time you give yourself leading up to a formal event, the less stressful getting ready for it will be.

Start by collecting fashion and beauty magazine photos of formal styles you think would work well.  And don’t limit yourself.  Most people think updos are almost a requirement at formal events, but that’s not true these days.  Think outside of that box and look for hair styles that look elegant, regardless of how they are actually created.

Surprisingly, many women fail to enlist the help of their hair stylist when trying to pick the best formal style.  Your stylist is a professional, trained to do the very thing you need help with.  Get him/her involved and you’ll cut all kinds of time off the process of choosing.  Make it easier by giving him/her the photos of formal hair styles you collect and by discussing openly what you want and what’s not for you.

If you give yourself lots of lead time, you’ll even have time to try some of the hair styles out to see how they look on you.  You just never know until you see it on your own head.  Formal events like a wedding or prom are once-in-a-lifetime, after all.  Plan your hair style well in advance and you’ll enjoy it that much more.

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