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Teen Hairstyles - Be Bold (but be smart about it!)

When it comes to teen hairstyles, bold is the name of the game.  But that doesn’t mean try anything and everything!  If you just follow some simple, common sense tips when choosing which hairstyles to try, you’ll look great and avoid the teen angst of truly bad hair.

First, it’s a really bad idea to try to copy any teen hairstyle that looks great on a celebrity or a friend who has a completely different hair type and/or facial structure.  For example, hairstyles built around a teen with naturally curly hair and a round face will just look silly on you if you have straight hair and a longer shape to your face. 

In the words of older folks, “dance with the one that brung ya.”  In other words, use what God gave you to create hairstyles, not what he gave someone else.  This is hard advice for many teens to follow, but it may be the most important hairstyle tip you’ll ever get!

Next, give some serious thought to how much work the latest hairstyles are likely to be.  If you’re an active teen – always on the go – it’s probably not realistic to expect to be able to keep that hairstyle looking great when you only have about 10 minutes each morning to work on it.  Go with a simple (but pretty) style if that sounds like you.

Finally, if you’re running out of ideas, try collecting teen fashion and beauty magazines for a ton of ideas for new hairstyles.  These publications always have the latest looks and usually include some helpful tips for re-creating those styles at home.  Just remember to pick a hairstyle that complements your natural looks – don’t fight what you can’t change!

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