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Hair Cut Styles – What’s Your Ideal Style?

There are so many hair cut styles out there.  Does it ever seem like it’s a never-ending search trying to find the style of cut that suits you best?  You’re not alone!  Choosing the ideal hair style is a daunting task – even for famous celebrities.

So where do you begin?  Don’t overlook an obvious hair styles expert you already know – your stylist!  He or she already cuts your hair regularly, and you can bet you aren’t his/her only client.  So pick that smart brain next time you’re at the salon getting a cut.

Many hair stylists who aren’t given express permission by each client will keep their opinions to themselves and simply give you the cut you request.  Having a relative who cuts hair for a living, I can assure you that they have definite opinions and often wish their clients would let them try styles they believe will look best.

OK, so what if that doesn’t work for your situation?  It may be time then to start poring over fashion and beauty magazines to find lots of possible hair styles for your stylist to cut as a trial.  Be brave!  If it flops, you’ll only have to live with most styles for a few weeks.  Sometimes you just gotta throw caution to the wind and go for that radical cut!

If neither approach works for you and you just can’t find a hair cut that looks great, you might want to get the opinions of your closest friends and relatives who you can trust to be brutally honest about it.  Let’s face it – if a majority of people you love tell you that you look terrific in a particular hair style, maybe it’s time to love it yourself!  Now make that appointment and get that hair cut.

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