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Hairstyles With Bangs

Hairstyles With Bangs – Sweeping, Soft Beauty

Hairstyles with bangs are in, but not the kind of bangs you probably had when you were little.  For punk styles, incredibly short, straight bangs work great.  For trendier hairstyles with bangs, think longer and softer.

If you like hairstyles with bangs, get your stylist to cut just below your eyebrow line or about level with your eyes.  A very slight layer will create a softer look for your new hairstyle.  If you have long hair, your bangs should taper into the rest of your hair.  Layers that get longer as you move away from your bangs will work best.

When styling hairstyles with bangs, don’t take a curling iron to your bangs!  That whole round bang look is way over.  You can use a rounded brush on your bangs, but dry straight for a few seconds afterwards.  This way you get some volume in your bangs – they aren’t sticking flat to your forehead, but you won’t have the curling iron barrel look.

Most of the newest hairstyles with bangs have a swept look.  You can simply sweep your bangs to the side and lightly spray, or dry your bangs a little to the side.  Remember, the idea is a soft look.  Think sweeping soft bangs and your style will be perfect!

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