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Hair Jewelry - When is it Appropriate?

Hair jewelry is mostly designed for women with long hair, but there are pieces made for shorter hair lengths.  From beautiful hair sticks to gemmed combs and hanging beads, hair jewelry is a breathtaking addition that instantly turns any hairstyle into a formal one.

For proms or weddings, hair jewelry is a necessity.  Because so many of the photographs will include your face and hair, it’s better to keep your dress simple and your hair exquisitely bejeweled.  You definitely can overdo it.  A complicated dress, an intricate hairstyle, and too much flash in your hair are fashion no-no’s.  It will be obvious to people that you couldn’t decide and compensated by using every element you could get your hands on.  True class and style is apparent when you use just enough bling to accent.  You want people to remember how beautiful you looked.  Don’t overpower yourself with accessories.

If you’re using hair jewelry, skip the necklace or earrings.  Never let your hair accessories clash with your accessories, and never make them all match perfectly.  A pearl-beaded dress, pearl necklace, pearl earrings, and pearls in your hair is just too much pearl.  You will look like you’re white polka-dotted, and none of the pearls will seem beautiful or special.  Be careful about diamonds or rhinestones in your hair.  You don’t want to blind people, and it will take the focus away from you.

Done properly, hair jewelry is a beautiful addition to your formal event, but it’s not just for special occasions.  Beaded hair sticks and jeweled combs can easily be worn to the office if they aren’t too fancy.  Experiment and buy things you truly love.

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