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Women's Hairstyles

Women's Hairstyles for People Who Don't Like a Lot of Fuss

As far as women’s hairstyles go, a few months ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you anything.  I wore my long, thick hair the only way I could – straight.  That doesn’t leave a lot of options for women’s hairstyles.  If I didn’t blow it dry, there was a slight, frizzy wave (lovely).  I would occasionally straighten it with a flat iron or curl it, but that was rare.

So how is it that I now have something to say about women’s hairstyles?  One day I flipped.  I was trying to comb through my long tangled hair, and I broke the comb.  I realized that I put myself through such torture everyday unless I used a ton of conditioner.  What did all of this torture get me?  Heavy, limp hair that was unbearable in summer.

I didn’t look through women’s hairstyles books or magazine.  I had nothing in mind.  I drove straight to the nearest hair salon and told her to cut it all off.  There’s an excellent program called Locks of Love that wants your hair, by the way.  The hairstylist figured out how much I could donate, put it in a ponytail, and chopped it all off.

Now I actually can try some cute women’s hairstyles.  I got it cut slightly above my shoulders and layered.  I can do trendy messy layer looks, straighten it all with a flat iron, and my hot rollers actually do something when I use them in my new hair!  To any women out there holding onto your hair as some kind of security blanket, I want to say Stop!  It’s amazing how free I feel, and I’m not dreading the summer for the first time in 10 years!

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