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Hair Styles for Long Hair

Hair Styles for Long Hair

Picking beautiful hair styles for long hair can be a bit daunting.  So many factors come into play – the shape of your face, proper hair care, the effects of weather, etc.  Some hair styles for long hair are more conducive to being easy to care for than others.  And if you can look beautiful without a lot of ‘muss and fuss’ with your long hair, don’t you prefer a style that’s easy?

Probably the biggest factor in choosing hair styles for long hair is the shape of your face.  Generally speaking, there are four basic facial shapes:  round, oval, square, and long.  Some hair styles look, well, silly with certain faces.  Short hair with long bangs is a bad look if you have a round face, for example.

With hair styles for long hair, picking the right style comes down to face shape and how much time you want to invest on a daily basis taking care of that long hair.  If you’ve had long hair before or currently, you probably are already used to dealing with a longer hair care regimen, no matter which hair styles you’ve tried.

One of the easiest hair styles for long hair for women with oval, round, or square faces (about 80% of the population) is to part the hair in the middle and let it hang straight down all around.  No bangs!  A variation of this hair style is to add a curl to the ends.  These types of long hair styles create a wanted effect for you, making your face look a bit longer by opening up the forehead area.

If you have a long face, one of the best hair styles for long hair is one that has prominent bangs hanging low on the forehead.  This reduces the perceived length of your face.  Wavy or even slightly curly hair throughout is a good choice as well, as the added hair volume creates a wider look to your face.

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