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Short Hair Styles for Women

Short Hair Styles for Women

There are many short hair styles for women in style these days.  From extremely short to short-medium length hair, styles can be found to complement virtually any face.  It really just depends on if your face has an oval, long, round, or angular bone structure, and of course what color your hair is.  Short hair styles for women are more about working with what you have than trying to cover up and flaws (real or imagined).

If you have an oval face, you’re in luck with short hairstyles for women!  This is probably the easiest facial shape to match with virtually any style of short hair cut.  You can try the spiky straight-up look (stock up on mousse), the wavy flattop that many women like for the retro look, or one of the more contemporary short hair styles in vogue these days.

Round faces usually look best matched with short hairstyles for women that extend the face vertically.  You want something with volume, especially on top, to give your face a longer, leaner look.  Updos do this, but aren’t really feasible for everyday hair styles.  Try the vertical ‘layers and chops’ look.

If your face is long, short hairstyles for women that widen the face are preferable.  Avoid too much hair volume up top, which tends to create an even longer facial appearance on most women.  Go for hair styles that add volume horizontally, especially near the middle of your face.

If you have an angular face, with a sharp, prominent chin, cheekbones, or brow ridge, you’ll want short hairstyles for women that soften your overall facial appearance.  The idea is to create lots of curls and longer round shapes to offset the angles.  Bangs can help a lot with these types of hair styles.

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