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Medium Hair Cuts

Medium Hair Cuts - 2005 Styles

Medium length hair cuts are making a bit of a comeback in 2005.  This decade has seen a long hair revival and a short hair mini-comeback, so it only makes sense that medium hair would stake its claim too.  Medium hair cuts that frame the face with shoulder-length hair cut in layers is very popular so far this year.  One of the ways you can tell this trend is catching on is to look at some of the female anchors on the major cable networks (Fox News, MSNBC, CNN).  They tend to lead the pack in new hair trends.

Movie celebrities also signal this new medium hair cuts pattern.  Drew Barrymore’s latest movie (Fever Pitch) features her in a medium hair style that is a good example of this trend.

When medium length hair was in style in the 1980s, “big hair” was all the rage – with poofy styles and lots of hairspray and mousse.  This time around, medium hair cuts are more subdued – some would even say it’s almost a dirty hair look.  Hair looks limp and hangs nearly straight down the face and neck.  But it works!

Bangs appear to be out these days.  Most traditional medium hair cuts featured bangs prominently, but the look in 2005 is more about the hair being pulled away from the forehead and kept longer at the edges.  The layers come into play farther down, from the chin to the shoulders.  The resulting choppy look is really the only volumizing effect of these newer medium cuts.  From the crown of the head to the chin, flat, ‘dead’ hair is the dominant style.

It’s not an exciting look, but this trend in medium hair cuts works for many who try it.  It’s laid-back and easy to manage, too, so it’s particularly appealing to busy women who don’t have time to fuss over their hair style.

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