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2005 Hairstyles

2005 Hairstyles – Update Your Hair Style

2005 hairstyles are all about asymmetrical and layered locks.  Part early 1980s feathered hair, and part modern “Friends” cast members (think Courtney Cox or Jennifer Aniston).  Your hairstyle in 2005 can go in a lot of different directions and still keep up with current trends – and that’s the beauty of it!  Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, there are 2005 hairstyles to suit your desired look.

One of the biggest trends in  hairstyles sweeping America in 2005 is the tight pull-back look.  This requires short-medium to medium length hair, and involves a middle or slightly side part that is then pulled tight against the forehead and then back behind the ears.  It almost looks greasy, but not in a dirty, unwashed way.

Another style among the more popular 2005 hairstyles is the choppy face-framing style worn by actresses like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Hilary Duff.  This look is not hard to achieve if you have a good stylist.  Your hair needs to be cut in staggered lengths with no bangs.  The key is to create some volume around your face with the various lengths – a slight curl at the end of each layer.

Long hair seems to be making a comeback in 2005 hairstyles.  In the early years of this decade, short to short-medium was all the rage, thanks in large part to celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, whose hairstyles have been among the most copied.  But 2005 seems to be kicking off a return to a more classic and longer hairstyle.  Angelina Jolie is helping drive this new trend in hairstyles, as her acting career has really taken off and women and girls seek to emulate her look.

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