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Updo Hair Styles

Using updo hair styles to highlight the face

One of the great things about updo hair styles is how they allow for natural facial features to stand out and get the attention. Many modern hair styles tend to wrap around the face and often obscure the eyes in particular. While this may be preferable in some day-to-day instances, updo hair styles are usually worn during more formal events, when dressing up and looking glamorous are on the agenda.

Since most women wear updo hair styles in conjunction with a good amount of makeup, the combination focuses more attention on your face than is typically true. This makes a fairly understated updo a good idea, unless your intent is to showcase the hair and not the face.

If you have a rounder, fuller face, updo hair styles that work to elongate your facial features is your best bet. A high ponytail that is curled into layers that build upon each other achieves this longer updo quite well.

If your face is longer and thinner, try updo hair styles that place more hair behind the head than on top of it. A one-quarter ponytail with some fluffy barrel curls to add waves is a great look for women with longer facial features. The hair on top of the head tends to remain flatter, while the added hair depth behind your head gives your profile a rounder, more symmetrical appearance.

Don't be afraid to experiment with many different updo styles. The photos in glamour magazines can give you updo ideas, but you definitely want to try them before you choose a hair style for the big night!

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