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Modern Hairstyles

Modern hairstyles and stylish bob haircuts

Many modern hairstyles are actually vintage looks that have seen a comeback after decades of being out of fashion. Bob haircuts from the 1920s are an example of this trend. Many modern hairstyles have been inspired by the bob haircuts that saw their heyday that long ago. Today's chic woman is not limited by era in the hunt for her perfect hairdo.

Modern hairstyles find their origin in the bob haircuts of the 1920s, when many women chopped off their locks in an effort to be more boyish, sporty, and casual. These cuts usually covered a woman's ears and fell far above the shoulder line. They were often accessorized with colorful headbands and hats. It was truly a radical departure from the Victorian age's emphasis on femininity and softness.

Modern hairstyles revivify bob haircuts

Modern hairstyles are famous for revivifying vintage or retro looks, such as bob haircuts. Most looks have already been in fashion at one time or another, and a famous celebrity stylist need only seize a look of the past in order for it to see a renaissance.

Modern hairstyles saw a recent trend in bob haircuts with the release of movies that featured the retro hairdos, like 'Chicago.' Many women could not resist mimicking the hair of actors like Catherine Zeta Jones and Renee Zellweger who played flappers from the 1920s. It looked great then, why should it not look great now? Well it can and it does. Retro hairdos often give wearers a unique style. A chic and stylish woman can always make you feel like you are seeing something for the first time.

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