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Popular Hairstyles

Popular hairstyles of celebrities, including the Courtney Cox haircut

Many of the world's most popular hairstyles are imitations of looks seen on television, such as the Courtney Cox haircut. Popular hairstyles are very much influenced by what the stars are wearing on their heads, especially the cast of the NBC television show Friends. The Courtney Cox haircut is eponymously named after the cut of one of the show's lead actresses.

Since many popular hairstyles have their origins in Hollywood, one need look no further than the TV set to find the origins of the Courtney Cox haircut. The actress is the only leading lady on the set of Friends to have dark hair. The characters played by the other female actors - Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow - are both blonde.

Popular hairstyles from the Friends cast and the Courtney Cox haircut

Popular hairstyles from the cast of Friends are well known for different reasons. The Courtney Cox haircut on the uptight character she plays (Monica) is known for its dark, sleek appearance and face-framing waves. This hairdo is in keeping with the character's personality, because like her television persona, it is always neat and well cared for there is usually no strand out of place.

The popular hairstyles of the Friends cast have many loyal followers, especially the Courtney Cox haircut and Jennifer Aniston's latest style. This look is young and modern without being too funky. It is a very classic, durable cut that does not require too much fuss or a lot of beauty products to maintain. It works best on medium length, straight hair.

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