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Funky Hairstyles

Funky hairstyles and the latest in punk haircuts

Funky hairstyles are usually considered the exclusive domain of the young and rebellious, but in truth, things like punk haircuts can be modified to suit any class or age group. Funky hairstyles do not even have to be dictated by a particular haircut, but can simply be the result of styling products. Conversely, punk haircuts can be toned down to be more conservative.

Funky hairstyles can be created using vibrant, unnatural colors, such as pink or purple hair dye. Punk haircuts can be created by forming spikes, cutting Mohawks, or with bluntly asymmetrical patches of hair.

Funky hairstyles do not require punk haircuts

Anyone can achieve funky hairstyles, even without one of the many punk haircuts. Modern and youthful looks can even be created by using only hair accessories. For instance, a plain ponytail can be "funkified" with an elastic band made out of faux fur. A boyish cut can be punked up by using styling gel to create spikes that stand out above the head.

Lately, the trend in men's funky hairstyles has been towards more subtle punk haircuts, such as the urban Mohawk. This is not the spiky shockwave that boys in bands used to wear. This more modern and minimal look is simply hair cut shorter on the sides than it is down the middle. The cut creates a subtle look that even a grandmother could love. The urban Mohawk is also very versatile. The style can be worn either with the hair sticking up (for Saturday night) or slicked back (for Monday morning at the office).

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