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How to apply makeup

How to apply makeup and use cosmetics correctly

Many girls are now learning how to apply makeup and cosmetics at younger and younger ages. Teen magazines and peers often aid these young women in learning how to apply makeup, but it can still take a while before they get the amateur feel out of their cosmetics application.

When learning how to apply makeup, most young women take a small amount of instruction and then experiment with cosmetics. It is not unusual to see a pre-teen girl spend her allowance on makeup from the drug store and then pass the duration of an afternoon in front of a mirror, experimenting with eye shadows and lipsticks. For many young women, these sorts of beauty trials serve as a rite of passage.

How to apply makeup minimally and still look great

The mistake that many young women make when learning how to apply makeup is overdosing on their cosmetics. The ideal amount of everyday facial product (especially on younger skin) should be sparse and minimal. Even a layer of foundation makeup is not necessary on most young skin; a light coating of powder will suffice.

When experimenting with how to apply makeup successfully, remember the cardinal rule of cosmetics - "less is more." You do not want to appear like you're wearing too much. You want to capitalize on and accentuate your natural features, and use beauty products as an aid in this outcome. Do not disguise what nature gave you with heavy coatings of makeup simply highlight your youthful good looks.

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