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1920's Hairstyles

1920's hairstyles for your retro hair

When examining 1920's hairstyles to discover your perfect retro hair look, do not be surprised if you see many shorter haircuts. During this decade many women cut off their longer locks, hence 1920's hairstyles tend toward boy cuts. Be prepared to go for a shorter do if retro hair is your fashion aim.

1920's hairstyles were shorter because of the flapper era that embraced the bob. If you are trying to achieve retro hair from this decade, then the bob is for you. Bobs are often cut above the shoulders and are styled to hide the ears. There is an old joke from this decade that asks, 'Why do flappers wear their hair over their ears? So they'll still have something to show their husbands after they're married.' This cut helped pave the way towards women's liberation.

The fashion of 1920's hairstyles and other retro hair

What is the allure of 1920's hairstyles? This retro hair captures an era when women were beginning to be more independent. Women's sports were becoming popular and easier hairdos reflected that trend. Even women's bodies became more boyish as shapely figures went out of fashion and women dieted to become thinner and less curvy like their male counterparts.

1920's hairstyles can still have the look of very feminine retro hair. A curl in the right place or a cute hat can complement this style greatly. Don't be afraid to experiment with your wardrobe as well. Other accoutrements of this decade can be flattering, such as flapper dresses and heavily beaded items.

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