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Hair Clips

Hair clips and all the latest in hair accessories

Hair clips and hair accessories are making a comeback in today's fashion climate. It is becoming more commonplace to see hair clips, but even more common to see head bands on women's heads. The latter has seen many innovations in the hair accessories market recently.

Even though hair clips are losing the popularity contest to the head band, they are still very vital and fashionable hair accessories. Expensive designer pieces that could just as easily be brooches on evening gowns are made in gold, silver, and diamonds. Barrettes shaped like butterflies and adorned with motley sequins are also popular.

Hair clips to head bands: the current trends

Fashionable hair clips turn up every now and then but the hair accessories that everybody seems to want these days are head bands. Head bands are pieces that can be made from a variety of fabrics. They can sit anywhere from your hairline to the crown of your head.

Head bands, not hair clips, have been the hair accessories du jour in fashionable circles. Designers are beginning to fashion these bands out of new materials, even using discarded fabric from old ties and clothes. These bands can match the pattern of your clothes (think a Burberry head band matched with a Burberry jacket) and can create a very trendy combination from head to toe. Bands are also very versatile because they can look great on any length of hair.

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