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Hairstyles for long hair

Find hairstyles for long hair among the newest braid styles

The multitude of diverse hairstyles for long hair can be a source of envy for those with short hair, especially when it comes to braid styles. Hairstyles for long hair often take advantage of raw length to come up with unique looks and braid styles. Weaved tresses can be worn informally, for formal updos, or as a means to an end when you want wavy hair. Even tight curls can be created by these simple techniques.

Hairstyles for long hair using braid styles

Many hairstyles for long hair benefit from wavy body throughout the hair and braid styles are one easy way to achieve this effect. When your long hair is still wet from a shower, try braiding it in tight or loose patterns, depending on how you'd like the resulting curl to look. When your hair dries, it will have lots of individualized body as a result.

Some hairstyles for long hair involve the use of cornrow braid styles. Cornrows are skinny, tightly fashioned braids typically worn in African-American hair. It can take a stylist several hours to complete the look, but it can be a great way to keep long strands fashionably tamed. 

Other hairstyles for long hair that employ braids include several formal updos, such as the French, fishtail, and the Dutch braid fashions. All three of these braid styles require a steady hand and considerable length to create a winning appearance. They make for awesome prom and wedding pictures!

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