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Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup - one of Hollywood's favorite tricks

Airbrush makeup is one of the most recent trends in professional beauty supplies. Airbrush makeup was actually first used in 1922 for the actors in the movie Ben-Hur, when the producers needed makeup that would inexpensively cover a large cast of characters. For decades after that film, the airbrush technique fell out of fashion. Science fiction films in the middle and later 20th century brought the trend back onto the movie set.

Airbrush makeup has become one of the most popular cosmetic techniques in Hollywood. Most professionals can pick up these paint sets at everyday beauty supplies outlets. A typical set includes pots of skin-toned foundation, an air compressor, and several brushes. These items can be used in tandem to create flawless skin on anyone, actor or not.

Airbrush makeup is now used all the time

Airbrush makeup has reached such a level of importance among Hollywood's treasured beauty supplies because with high definition (HD) TV and digital movie making, every pore on an actor's face is going to stand out. By using a spray-on rather than a traditional foundation makeup, blemishes and uneven skin tone can be gilded with near perfection.

Airbrush makeup has become the cherished secret of many actors who have access to all of Hollywood's professional beauty supplies. The coverage is far lighter than that of regular cosmetic foundations, and it looks more natural and applies more evenly as well. Many of the best cosmetic artists in Hollywood and beyond are switching to this technique.

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