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Men's Hairstyles

Men's hairstyles and the resurgence of long hair

Modern men's hairstyles are seeing a comeback in long hair. Not since the 1960s hippie trends have so many men's hairstyles seen a longer look. Today's fashionable and masculine long hair look is shorter than it was in the 1960s, however. Hair below the shoulders and ponytails is definitely hard to pull off fashionably. Today's trendy longer men's hairstyles are between the ear and the chin.

Making men's hairstyles fun

Men's hairstyles do not have to be standard issue, cookie cutter, army cuts. Nowadays men can have long hair and still be masculine and well groomed. Think of hottie Jason Lewis, who won Samantha's heart in Sex and the City. Before he shaved his head in a display of solidarity with Samantha, he had sexy blonde locks that nearly reached his shoulders. This men's look has long been popular with surfers but recently surfer chic has been hitting the runways.

Are men's hairstyles that feature long hair acceptable in a professional work setting? That depends on the workplace. Dreadlocks and extremely lengthy locks can oftentimes have a religious significance. You could not ask a Sikh to cut off his hair for the job without being discriminatory.

As far as the rest of us (without religious hair compunctions) are concerned, men's hairstyles featuring long hair are usually not a problem in the workplace nowadays, provided one's appearance is professional and clean. One caveat - it tends to be perceived as less acceptable as one ages.

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