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Hairstyles For Prom

Hairstyles for prom - you have options

When looking for the perfect hairstyles for prom, do not feel that you necessarily have to go with updos. Although, over the decades, some of the most popular hairstyles for prom have been updos, it is far from your only option. Depending on what looks best with your facial features, not to mention with your prom dress, you might get optimal results by wearing your hair loose down your back or half up and half down on prom night.

Hairstyles for prom - alternatives to updos

You can look on any hairstyles website or in any fasion magazine to find alternative hairstyles for prom beyond updos. For instance, you could try an asymmetrical hairdo with side parts, swept to the side of your face and held in place by gel.  Just keep the remainder of your locks up high.

Or if you have long, straight hair, why not curl it in gentle waves like common hairstyles for prom in the 1950s? Try to look to your prom dress for inspiration. If you have a retro dress with a tight bodice and a full gown skirt, think about medium length prom hairstyles - like a chic flip.  Updos are not the only game in town!

Another fun look when choosing hairstyles for prom is demi updos. These hairstyles lift some of your hair into an elevated position, while leaving the rest of your locks around your face or down your back. The important thing you need to remember is sleekness. Even if you leave wisps of hair out of your hairdo, make sure that they are tidy and kept in place.

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