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Men's Hair Styles

Men's hair styles - short hair cuts

Never underestimate the importance of men's hair styles. Short haircuts can make or break a man. When John F. Kennedy won the presidency, it was speculated that the victory was largely due to his young face and locks, being the first television candidacy. The men's hair styles popular at that time would not have worked well with his naturally wavy hair.  So he passed on the super short hair cuts others got in favor of a look that showed confidence and vitality.

Men's hair styles and modern short hair cuts

Younger men today have been enjoying longer men's hair styles. That is not to say that these aren't often what we would call short hair cuts; it's just not the closely cropped styles, like crew cuts, of the 1960s.

Another trend that is surfacing with men's hair styles is hair color. Guys are no longer afraid to get dye jobs, whether they have long or short haircuts. Ever since the metrosexual lifestyle became fairly widespread, men have been experimenting more with beauty supplies. This includes the use of hair gels, conditioners, and dyes.

One of the most masculine, sexy men in Great Britain, soccer player David Beckham, has changed men's hair styles, including the cuts and colors, many times. His willingness to experiment with short haircuts and other lengths has not lost him the respect of women or his manly teammates.

The lesson is to not worry about conventional wisdom when it comes to men's hair styles.  If you see a style you like, go for it!  Don't let peer pressure force short hair styles on you, especially if you don't think it's the best look for your personality.

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