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Choosing a hairstyle for your long hair

A modern hairstyle for long hair is the long shag or layered cut. For more conservative women who would like to have a uniform, straight hairstyle, the right hairstyle for their long hair is probably the wavy look. However, many retain their longer locks because they are afraid to go short. What they don't know is that a short style requires less maintenance and can take years off your life.

Before you choose a hairstyle, make sure you know how to care for your long hair

Before making a long hair hairstyle decision, you should know how to care for it properly. A gorgeous haircut will mean nothing if it ends up limp, weak, or damaged from too much fussing and tweaking.

First and foremost, regardless of the hairstyle you choose, one should keep the body healthy in order to make long hair naturally beautiful. In one strand of hair, water makes up roughly a quarter of the weight. This means that in order to keep your locks properly hydrated, you must drink a lot of good ol' H2O. A healthy, balanced diet will also go a long way toward keeping your hair (and skin) radiant.

Finally, go easy with the dyes, and just pick a hairstyle that complements your natural color. Frequent coloring, especially when not balanced by proper conditioning treatments, can dry out and damage your long hair to a much worse extent than similar overprocessing of shorter styles.

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