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Boy Hair Cuts

Boy hair cuts for women

Boy hair cuts have long been popular on women. These hairstyles were particularly in vogue beginning in the 1960s, when supermodel Twiggy sported a closely shorn cut. Today, many celebrities choose to wear their locks in boy hair cuts. These hairstyles have adorned the heads of such stars as Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone, and Winona Ryder. When a woman is confident with her femininity, she remains sexy with a traditionally male haircut.

Popular boy hair cuts for women

Typical boy hair cuts today involve bangs. Most of these boyish hairstyles require them. Bangs finish what the short cut started - bringing out the eyes and the face. These super short styles look best on those with fine, feminine facial features. Small noses and big eyes are especially complemented.

Although many women get boy hair cuts because they want a virtually no-maintenance look, a very short cut can still leave room for several different hairstyles. Hair gel can create funky, blunt spikes. Bright scarves and headbands can also contribute to fresh looks.

Lately, the trend has been towards boy hair cuts in older, greying women. Silver-locked gals can look positively regal in such short hairstyles. Thin hair automatically looks fuller and sleeker. This style is an elegantly easy style to sport in your later years.

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