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Long Hair Styles

Sexy long hair styles

The two main ingredients for sexy long hair styles are the part and the wave. Straight haircuts demand careful attention to these two elements. Cuts with a side part (as opposed to center), and vice versa, can have a huge effect on the look of long hair styles. In addition, the body of your hair is going to determine what straight hair styles look like with your type of facial features. If you have thin, stringy hair, a long style may not be the best choice for you.

Long hair styles with straight haircuts

Long hair styles usually look their best when they can be worn several different ways with straight haircuts. For instance, you should get a cut that will still look good if you modify your part from day to day.

Long hair styles can also quickly get boring, so you need to work hard to keep your look fresh. Braids and updos are always fun, as well as soft, loose pigtails set low on the neck. Each of those will work just fine if you get straight haircuts.

Currently, the trend in long hair styles is towards full-bodied waves. Straight haircuts look great with a few gentle, healthy undulations throughout the entire length. This creates movement in longer hair that is very sexy.

To create waves with long hair styles, all you need is a blow dryer and a round brush. When your hair is wet, blow-dry it in sections around the brush. You will be left with gorgeous, wavy locks - even those who have straight haircuts.

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