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Removing Black Hair Dye

Removing black hair dye

Removing black hair dye using common beauty supplies is a daunting task. If you used a permanent hair coloring product, you may have to cut your hair or wait for it to grow out, unfortunately. Because the pigment in the dye is so strong, removing black hair dye is nearly impossible. You can buy beauty supplies and products that will do the trick, but it might come at the price of damaged hair. For instance, you could use bleach with hydrogen peroxide, which removes all color. WARNING: this treatment can be very damaging to your hair, so proceed with caution!

Removing black hair dye - do helpful beauty supplies exist?

Removing black hair dye with everyday beauty supplies you can buy at a regular drug store is a long and arduous task. Your best choice may be to go to a salon. Salons usually have black dye removers that are most effective very soon after they've been applied. However, after the black dye has been in for a while, there is little that even professionals can do without damaging your hair.

Many people try removing black hair dye themselves using bleach, shampoo, and conditioner concoctions mixed from over-the-counter beauty supplies. These are hard to spread uniformly through hair and might leave you with an orange tint that will require even more dark coloring.

The bottom line is that it is nearly impossible to try removing black hair dye. So before you hit the beauty supplies store to get some, be 100% certain it's the look you truly want, and then be prepared to live with it for many months.

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