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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the new wigs

Many women now use hair extensions as a replacement for wigs. Hair extensions work with your existing hair and hence tend to have a more natural appearance. However, like wigs, extensions can be created from both human and synthetic hair. Usually the expense dictates how natural either will look.

The benefits of hair extensions

Hair extensions feel like the real thing. They do not scratch your scalp, but they do have to be removed from time to time, just like wigs do.

Many women report that hair extensions feel more like "their own" than wigs do. Because the tresses are attached to one's natural hair rather than a replacement, women develop an sense of ownership that exceeds that of a wig.

However, hair extensions can be expensive. Some women prefer the freedom of wigs, in the sense that they can remove it at their own leisure. A wig also offers more variety.  One day, you can don a black bob and the next a long blonde style. That's not to say that both can't be fun and funky. You just have to work with a salesperson and have in mind all the possible looks you want to achieve for various scenarios.

If the hair on your scalp is already very thin or rapidly disappearing, then hair extensions are probably not a viable option for you.

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