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Wedding Hair

Great wedding hair

To achieve perfect wedding hair, you do not have to live in the past don't be afraid to check out modern wedding hairstyles. Your wedding hair can be both contemporary and classic at the same time. Many brides worry that modern hairstyles will be outdated in 20 years and that the wedding photos on the mantel will look out of fashion. However, by making the right style choices you can make your wedding coiffure survive the trends of the ages.

Your wedding hair - modern hairstyles

Wedding hair can be current without being outmoded in 10 years. Modern hairstyles of the 1980s left many official wedding photographs with brides with poofed-up bangs held in place by a can of hairspray. These out-of-date styles can be a harrowing reminder for brides of the fleeting nature of the moment.

That being said, there is no reason why wedding hair can't be timeless AND done in one of the modern hairstyles. The key is keeping your tresses subtle and off your face. No one likes a bride whose hair dominates her wedding day. Do not get too busy with accessories, curling, crimping, and all that jazz.

If you choose to wear your wedding hair down as opposed to an updo, avoid perms, crimps, and other fashions that usually only enjoy temporary 'in' status. Modern hairstyles, like those featuring long waves and decorated with a few fresh flowers, will always be a style to be proud of in pictures. You will be able to show them off with pride for decades to come!

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