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The updo - a favorite formal hairstyle

The updo has always been one of the most elegant formal hairstyles. Why does the updo remain so popular? Because it brings focus to a gorgeous face and dress, while retaining an aesthetic impact from the back. Formal hairstyles have come a long way since your grandparents attended swanky events. Glamorous hairdos now leave room for unique individual touches and adornments.

She says updo - I say how high?

The updo is obviously only one of the many types of formal hairstyles. The cardinal rules governing these elegant hairdos seem to be fairly lax. As long as you end up looking gorgeous, you've succeeded. It sounds easy, but what are the steps for getting gorgeous hair for an evening out?

Start with healthy, clean hair, of course. Next, you should experiment in a mirror with different hairstyles. Do you look better with your hair up or down, piled on top of your head or cascading down your shoulders? If your hair is very short and you get frustrated with its limitations as far as an updo is concerned, then perhaps you could contemplate hair pieces or extensions for your big night.

The key is making your hair look different than it usually does, whether you choose an updo or something else entirely. If you normally wear your hair straight, then try wearing it in curls or vice versa. Formal hairstyles should be fun, not a drag! They are an opportunity for you to show off a different, more elegant side of yourself.

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