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Hair Color

Finding the right hair color

It can be difficult to find the right hair color among all the choices of beauty supplies when dying your hair at home instead of at a salon. In addition to the perfect shade, you must decide if you want permanent or temporary dye. Hair color also comes in varying degrees of chemical make-up, some of which can be very damaging to your hair. Evaluating these beauty supplies to find the best product for you involves a bit of research.

Your new hair color needs the right beauty supplies

Once you have decided on a hair color and a trusted brand name, do not apply the dye right away. Think safety first. Many beauty supplies can inadvertently cause allergic reactions. There are even extreme cases where women have applied permanent dye, only to suffer severe swelling of the skin and irritation of the scalp for months afterwards.

Before you apply your new hair color, experiment on a patch of arm hair. If a few hours go by and you have not suffered any adverse reactions from that beauty supplies product, then you're probably good to go.

Many women who decide to go with a blonde hair color use hydrogen peroxide dyes. These formulas can easily over process hair, so they must be used in conjunction with heavy-duty conditioning treatments, which can be obtained at any beauty supplies outlet.

To avoid serious damage, try to resist the urge to use hair color more often than every six months (at least). The chemicals in most of the over-the-counter beauty supplies store coloring products can be very abrasive when used repeatedly. Don't overdo it!

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