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Long Hair

Long hair - popular hairstyles

Long hair comes in and out of fashion but popular hairstyles remain the same, by and large. Long hair is more difficult to take care of, but it also has a certain mystique about it that has made men wax poetic for thousands of years. Longer tresses can be gorgeous and sexy when cut and cared for properly, which is why they have remained one of the world's most popular hairstyles.

The allure of long hair and its most popular hairstyles

Recently the fashion in long hair has been soft waves. Although popular hairstyles for longer locks have been straight and sleek in the past, today the trend is towards a more full-bodied wave. They can be created by using a round brush on wet hair in tandem with a blow dryer.

Long hair paired with choppy bangs is also among the more popular hairstyles at the moment, although caring for such a hairstyle can be a chore. Lengthy tresses require frequent trips to the salon for trims (although if you have a straight haircut, you can probably cut away your split ends by yourself).

Long hair is also harder to wash and to comb out. To avoid breakage, brush before you get into the shower. Use lots of conditioner, and when you comb it out, start at the tips of the strands and work your way upwards. Tricks like these with popular hairstyles will keep your longer hair sleek and healthy. It will catch the light and shine like it should.

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