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Put something extra in your hair style

When choosing a hair style you must first decide what length you prefer. Medium haircuts are a good compromise for someone who cannot decide between long and short. Mid-length locks usually fall somewhere in between the chin and shoulder. There's many a hair style for medium haircuts, too, which opens up a lot of possibilities.

Not just one hair style for medium length haircuts

A very popular hair style for mid-length tresses is the bob, but there are many more medium haircuts from which to choose. A major advantage is that most of them are very versatile and can look completely different, depending on where you set your part or how you blow dry.

Another common hair style is a layered shag with bangs. The only real downside is that you may have to visit the salon often to keep these kinds of medium haircuts from looking sloppy. Longer bangs are making a comeback, but they do require more upkeep to avoid having them in your eyes all the time.

A mid-length hair style is particularly versatile because it can be worn down or in an updo. Usually the most flattering medium haircuts involve keeping the hair half up and half down. That is, just pull up the front tresses (leaving a few strands around the face) and leave the hairs down on your back. This look is more flattering for women who have hair not quite long enough to come all the way off the neck without bobby pins.

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