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Hair Loss

Hair loss and its treatments, including minoxidil

Hair loss can be a devastating reminder of the aging process. Luckily there are now dozens of effective treatments, including minoxidil, one can utilize to reverse the loss of one's hair. Many doctors prescribe Rogaine for severe hair loss. The active ingredient in this topical drug is minoxidil. Rogaine usually shows results after about four months of treatment (applying the drug at least twice a day to bald areas).

Hair loss has no cure, even with the use of minoxidil

Hair loss cannot be reversed completely, no matter how much medicine you take. Minoxidil will often not show strong results on the very old, those with larger areas of baldness, or those who have been bald for a longer period of time.

Keep in mind that this medicine is a treatment and not a cure for hair loss. Many men and women with thinning hair report hair regrowth with minoxidil, but about 16% of them report no change at all.

Hair loss was not the first use for minoxidil high blood pressure was. When patients began to notice increased hair growth after using the drug, doctors began experimenting with its topical usage. There are many theories for why the drug stimulates hair growth but none of them are definitive. It has been proven effective, however, and the drug was actually the first approved by the FDA to combat thinning and baldness.

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