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Hair Updos

Hair updos and the search for perfect prom hair

Hair updos have come a long way since your mother's day. Whereas her prom hair might have been stiff and overly formal, your hair style has room to be more chic and modern. Hair updos can be the height of fashion, and your prom hair can make a sexy, modern statement. High ponytails are back in style, as are back combed bangs that rise above the crown of the head. Hair that spreads out jauntily in the back of the head (like a fan) is also in fashion.

Turning standard hair updos into gorgeous prom hair

If you know that your tresses look great in hair updos and that is often your style, why not modify your usual look just a little in order to achieve elegant prom hair? By adding a few more minutes on to your usual coiffing routine, you can achieve elegant updos in a flash.

Simply alter hair updos you're used to wearing with a chignon, braid, or ponytail, and make it neater than usual.  Then add shimmering accessories to invigorate the prom hair look. You could try lacing sparkling ribbons into a French braid or curling a ponytail that you always wear straight. You can even add a brightly colored hair piece to a bun at the base of your neck for a more energized look.

In the past, it has been considered a fashion faux pas to let any strands fall loose from hair updos. However, today many prom hair experts actually recommend pulling a few locks loose around the hairline in order to frame your face.

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