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Short Haircuts

Exploring the latest short haircuts and all the current hairstyles

Short haircuts are wildly popular because of the youthful appearance they can bestow on the wearer. Many current hairstyles embrace shorter hair. Short haircuts are popular because they de-emphasize facial wrinkles and lines. They can also add a lot of life to limp locks. Current hairstyles can make even the finest hair look full of body. They are also easier to maintain and disguise split ends better than longer haircuts.

Short haircuts for you within the realm of current hairstyles

The options for new short haircuts are almost overwhelming. You can choose among the current hairstyles based on your own criteria. Would you prefer to look sexy or boyishly cute? Would you prefer a low or a high maintenance style? Your choices are practically limitless.

Lately the retro look in short haircuts has been coming back into style. Flapper hair styles from the 1920ās are all the rage. Short, face-framing shags are also very fashionable right now among the current hairstyles. Funky hair inspired by punk rock can also be worn by the young (and the brave). This kind of short hair usually has a very casual, disheveled appearance. Gels and sprays can hold up sections of strands in soft spikes.

There are very short haircuts, like the standard pixie cut, that always looks great on confident women. The key to going with these current hairstyles and still maintaining your femininity is a soft cut. Too many harsh edges and lines can give the appearance of masculinity.

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