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Permanent Hair Removal

What permanent hair removal and microdermabrasion have in common

Both permanent hair removal and microdermabrasion are cosmetic procedures that require the help of an expert. Methods of permanent hair removal include laser removal and electrolysis. These treatments can cost thousands of dollars and may not work on everyone. Most women achieve the results they want with waxing or shaving. Microdermabrasion is a relatively new technique that can revivify skin. It purports to take years off your face. It works by exfoliating the skin with tiny crystals.

Hair removal vs. microdermabrasion

If you have a few thousand dollars that you would like to spend on a cosmetic treatment, permanent hair removal is not recommended. Most inexpensive waxing treatments to remove hair last for several weeks. In addition, if you get your unwanted hair waxed regularly it will grow back more sparsely. Microdermabrasion on the other hand is often worth the expense. Dead skin cells are essentially sand blasted away by the machine's tiny crystals.

Your skin will be smoother and more youthful after a few sessions with a professional. You are the best candidate for the treatment if you have small acne scars or uneven skin tone. The process will not get rid of deep scars but it may improve their appearance. In addition, the process stimulates the collagen in your skin and can improve your overall skin texture and appearance. After a microdermabrasion treatment, make sure that you avoid the sun and exfoliators at all cost for a few days.

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