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Skin Care

Skin care priorities should dictate your makeup purchases

Effective and responsible skin care should always be your primary concern when purchasing makeup products. Most girls begin wearing cosmetics at a young age. Some women even get permanent colors tattooed on their faces. The most important thing to remember before you apply makeup is proper skin care. No amount of makeup will hide dry, unhealthy skin. A healthy diet, lots of fluids, and a great line of facial washes and lotions will serve as the best foundation.

Emphasizing skin care paves the way for smart makeup choices

Skin care is essential in creating a palette for your makeup. By not smoking and drinking and keeping your skin clean and out of the sun, you can maintain youthful and vibrant skin well into your later years. Many women make the mistake of not beginning a good skin care routine when they are young and their skin suffers from the neglect later. This does not mean that fourteen-year-old girls should go out and buy anti-aging cream, but they should avoid bad sunburns and take care to avoid bad habits.

You can always change the color makeup you apply to your face but you are stuck with the skin you have, so take care of it! Makeup can do a lot to hide blemishes and imperfections, but it cannot do everything. Uneven skin tone and blotchiness can be disguised by a great foundation. You can buy light foundations today that do not clog pores and wonât contribute to more skin care problems.

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