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Short Hair

Short hair styles are everywhere

In order to make short hair work for you, it is essential to contemplate a wide variety of short hairstyles. Do not be afraid to stop someone with a great haircut on the street and ask her where she got it. Most people are flattered by this attention and will be happy to share the information. Short hair can be either the highest or the lowest maintenance of the hair lengths, depending on which hair styles you try. Many people end up with short hair because they are tired of all the care that long locks require. It's easier to wash, doesn't use up as much shampoo or conditioner, doesn't require as much blow drying, etc. However, some short styles demand a lot of attention, so it's not all wine and roses.

Short hair - best hairstyles

Short hair can be fashioned into many diverse looks. Many women find that short hair styles make them look years younger.

Those with short hair can always change up their look by experimenting with different parts. There are several 'center part', 'side-part', and 'partless' hair styles.

With short hair, center parts tend to elongate the face. If yours already appears long, try to avoid these hairstyles and part your short hair on the side instead.

Those with short hair and oval faces tend to look good with any of the short hair styles, regardless of the part. Keep in mind that short, curly hair can soften sharp facial features.

Short hair also tends to have a lot more natural body than long hair because it's not weighed down as much. Consequently, many women who cut their long, straight hair are surprised to find that they end up with natural waves in it when done in shorter hair styles.

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