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Do cosmetics help or hurt skin care?

The overuse and abuse of cosmetics can hinder proper skin care.  But used sensibly and properly, cosmetics can be an integral part of a good skin care regimen. Think of all the products you use on a daily basis. In addition to shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and lotion there is cosmetics and hair dye, etc. A typical person uses at least seven different products each day on her body.

Two kinds of cosmetics for proper skin care

There are base cosmetics meant to physically promote good skin care (lotions for example), and color products to make your skin look better (blush and eye shadow, for example). Because most women use the same trusted cosmetics over and over again, acclimating their bodies to them, introducing a new cosmetic product can sometimes lead to adverse reactions.

Some women can get rashes, dermatitis, and even break out in acne from the use of new cosmetics. If you don't know what ingredients in your cosmetics you might be allergic to, then you cannot screen your skin care products in advance.

A good common sense rule is to purchase cosmetics with hypoallergenic ingredients. Most cosmetics that are advertised as "fragrance-free" typically do contain small traces of a pleasant odor, if only to mask the smell of the chemicals they also contain, so be careful!

Finally, remember to keep cosmetics away from any wounds, sores, or orifices. Your eyes are especially sensitive, so apply products in the eye area very carefully and do not sleep in your makeup. Human skin is a great natural barrier to most substances, but once offending chemicals enter your body through a sore or an eye, you'll know very quickly if you're allergic.

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