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Formal Hairstyles

Not your mother's formal hairstyles

Formal hairstyles can be fairly drab, but for those searching for fun formal updos the important thing to remember is youth. The prom is a right of passage for young men and women who are usually still in their teens. Their choices in fashion, date, transportation, etc. all reflect their age and individuality. Their formal hairstyles, like their everyday look, should have a youthful flair to them as well. Formal hairstyles can be modernized to attract a young market and bring life back to boring hairdos.

For fun formal hairstyles, try the new prom updos

Formal hairstyles do not have to be the tired old chignon or French twist. Today's formal updos are lively and youthful. These looks include bright colors and funky accessories.

Many young women even experiment with hairpieces and extensions to create elaborate formal hairstyles. Funky shocks of bright hair can add spice to prom updos and a kick to your look. Plus, your date will not be able to lose you in the crowd on the dance floor.

Those with shorter formal hairstyles can especially benefit from hairpieces and extensions, considering the fact that most of these hairstyles require medium to long hair. Many young women also jazz up their updo by adding glitter to their hair. Glitter may leave its mark for weeks to come in your hair and on your clothes (not to mention your date's clothes), but for prom night it looks great and is another way for you to use formal hairstyles to stand out in the crowd.

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