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Black Hair

How to cut black hair in the most modern hairstyles

Finding a stylist who knows how to cut black hair can be difficult, especially when striving for more modern hairstyles. It can vary widely, from sleek and straight to kinky and unruly. When learning how to cut black hair in modern hairstyles, stylists need to keep in mind that Type 4 hair (the kinky, or tightly curled kind) is very fragile. It cannot withstand damage from excessive blow drying, curling, straightening, or even combing like other types of black hair can.

How to cut black hair in short, modern hairstyles

Expert stylists know how to cut black hair - short! In most cases, it does not grow very long due to its fragile nature. Black hair often breaks easily under heavy combing or any other kind of duress, which rules out many modern hairstyles.

The best hairdos for black hair are short, modern hairstyles, in most cases. However, it is true that many African-Americans can grow longer locks with the aid of braids or dreadlocks. This fashion often enables you to leave your hair alone and let it grow unimpeded by brushing and upkeep.

Many people with longer black hair will let their dreadlocks grow out for years to allow for the creation of modern hairstyles. Black hair is not necessarily kinky, though. Many black women have looser curls (Type 3 hair), which is usually not uniform across the head. This type of black hair needs to be sectioned and coiffed separately to achieve a balanced look.

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