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Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrity hairstyles and their most popular spokeswoman, Jennifer Aniston

Celebrity hairstyles have always been a popular template for salon clients. Celebrities benefit from the fame of their hairstyles and you might reap the benefits as well, if it's the right cut for you. The haircut of Jennifer Aniston (of the television show 'Friends') practically caused a mob scene years ago when women thronged to stylists and begged for the exact same cut. What was it about her hairstyles that made everyone gaga? Was it her perfect blonde highlights or the fresh layers surrounding her face? Whatever it was, other women wanted it. Her cut will go down in the record books as one of the most sought after celebrity hairstyles in history. What other women forgot, however, was that Jennifer Aniston had a team of hair and beauty experts constantly applying their expertise to craft those beautiful hairstyles.

The lessons of celebrity hairstyles

Many women came away from the celebrity hairstyles fad of Jennifer Aniston and others with a newfound respect for their own hairstyles. Not everyone can shape and color her hair to mimic someone else's. Heads of hair are far too unique to fit into cookie cutter celebrity hairstyles.

Those who succeeded in recreating celebrity hairstyles, like Jennifer Aniston's, were probably thrilled. But there were many more who tried and failed. Perhaps what they should have done was go to the salon requesting hairstyles inspired by the famous Friend, not an exact replica. Perhaps then the stylist could have worked with the client's unique hair type to create modified celebrity hairstyles.  Live and learn!

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