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Wigs and the human hair dilemma

Wigs look the most natural when made with human hair, as opposed to synthetic or animal hair. However, synthetic wigs are making a comeback. Braids, among other styles, can look very natural when made from artificial hair. Many people choose wigs made from human hair because they can be styled easily. You can take wigs off and treat them to curlers just like you could a regular head of hair. Human hair wigs can be very expensive though, so it is hard for many people to afford it. The advantage is that once you invest in just one or two versatile wigs, you can use them for many different looks.

It's not just wigs anymore - a look at human hair extensions

If a person has not lost all of his or her hair or just wants to experiment with different styles, sometimes wigs are not the right choice. Hair extensions made from synthetic materials as well as human hair are currently more popular than wigs.

Everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Paris Hilton to long-haired heavy metal rockers use hair extensions in lieu of wigs. Extensions are also knows as "weaves." Getting them is an easy way to acquire a long, flowing look without waiting years for your hair to grow out and without having to mess with full wigs.

Wigs and professional hair extensions eliminate the waiting - for a price. Extensions and wigs made from real human hair can be quite expensive, but most people find themselves thrilled with the glamorous results.

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