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Matching your haircuts to celebrity hairstyles

Most of us try to emulate great haircuts when we go to a salon. Because celebrities are so exposed in the media, we often walk into salons with pictures of the latest celebrity haircuts to show our stylist. Stylists are used to people sitting in the beauty chair for haircuts and saying, "Make me look like Jennifer Aniston" or "Make me look like Halle Berry." It is usually possible to get exact replicas of celebrity hairstyles, but it's not often recommended. For instance, a style that looks great on your favorite movie star may look awful on you. It's more important to personalize your haircuts than it is to look like someone else. In addition, your favorite celebrities have weekly visits to the salon as well as personal stylists to tend to their hair 24/7. The rest of us are not so lucky and need to settle for haircuts that can survive outside of the salon for at least a few weeks.

Making your haircuts work with the inspiration of celebrity hairstyles

When preparing for haircuts and bringing pictures to the salon, make sure you choose your favorite celebrity haircuts realistically. The hairstyle of a curly-haired celebrity is not going to suit you if your hair is straight or wavy. High maintenance, textured haircuts are quickly going to become tiresome if you are a 'wash-and-go' type of person.

Select a celebrity whose haircuts you admire, but make sure that she has the same type of hair as you. Collect various photographs of celebrity haircuts so you can determine whether their hair is naturally straight, curly, kinky, etc. The sooner you come to grips with the limitations of your hair, the sooner you will have a great hairstyle.

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