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Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles and straight haircuts for every woman

Everyone can look good in short hairstyles, especially those who opt for straight haircuts. There are actually two divergent meanings to the terms "straight" when it comes to hairstyles. As far as short hairstyles are concerned, straight haircuts can mean a cut on straight hair or a cut that is literally straight, i.e. blunt bob hairstyles of some sort. The latter meaning foregoes the short layered look in favor of a more streamlined style. These hairstyles are usually face-framing and can be flattering on the right facial shape. When getting one, make sure that the cut does not end at one of your lesser facial features. For instance, if you have a larger nose, it might be advisable to get short hairstyles to bring attention to your eyes instead.

There are many hairstyles for short hair that integrate straight haircuts. In addition to the bob, there are many other chic options, many of which work around short bangs.

For many black women with kinkier hair, short hairstyles can be fashioned using braids and/or beads. If you're going to go with a straight hairstyle, make sure that you prevent your hair from appearing limp. You want "sleek and shiny," not "flat and bland."

To achieve this look with short hairstyles, make sure that you wash your hair every day and use volumizing products. These will lift your short hair away from the scalp and make it appear fuller. Back-combing is also an essential technique in adding more body with your straight hairstyles.

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