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Your hair and the ideal short hair cuts

Too often people make the mistake of wearing their hair long because they are afraid of cutting it. What they don't know is that short hair cuts can be far more flattering than longer cuts. Shorter hair brings out your facial features and accentuates what is most positive about your face. Short hair can also take years off your look. By cutting your hair around the area of your most attractive feature (around big eyes for instance), short hair cuts will bring out the best in you.

The best short hair cuts for your type

Short hair is a broad term that encompasses any hair length between the ear and the chin. Some popular short hair cuts include the pixie look, the punk rock look, the short afro look, the short shag, and 1920's mod hair.

If you like a particular hair style, perhaps it can be modified to suit your individuality. Many stylists appreciate it when you bring a photo of what you like into a hair salon, whether you prefer a short hair cut or a longer one. However, if your hair stylist is particularly good, let him or her have some creative control. It is sometimes best to say what inspires you and leave the rest to the professional.

When leaving your hair in a master's hands, sometimes it is best to give your stylist a general idea and then let him or her take it from there. Going for short hair cuts for the first time, after you have always cherished your longer hair, can be difficult. But with the right hair salon performing their magic, you will leave feeling 100 times lighter and younger.

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