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Straight Haircuts

Straight haircuts to complement short hairstyles

There is a subtle art to straight haircuts. When done properly, they can add body to straight, thin hair with short hairstyles. Straight haircuts can also catch the sunlight better, which gives your hair the appearance of more shine. However, straight cuts can be unforgiving if done badly. An excessively blunt cut is hard to disguise and can take a while to grow out. Yet, straight hairstyles can look awesome if you follow a few simple guidelines.

The 'rules' of straight haircuts

Short-to-medium length hair can look fabulous with straight haircuts. Short haircuts tend to look optimally good with a straight head of hair. If your hair is thin, it is usually a good rule of thumb to texturize with a layered cut.

Textured, straight haircuts can be easy to manage because they often are cut strategically and the hair falls naturally into its own look. You can add even more body to straight hairstyles by flipping your head upside down when you blow dry.

Because straight haircuts are typically harder to convince to hold a curl, you may have to spend longer with the rollers and the curling iron. But your straight hair will make it up to you in different ways - like holding a shine longer and being easier to comb. You can also always modify shorter haircuts by adding bangs (but only if they suit your face shape) - or trying layers.

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